Ese Villen & Lysto-Tha Next Chapter - 2008

13 A Good Day Feat. Bozo & Daffy Loko
01 Before We Start Feat. Mr. Criminal
09 Cali Clouds 2 Feat. Max (Yard Brown)
06 De Costa A Costa Feat. Sursilvaz
14 From Cali To Colorado Feat. A-City
08 Hi Powered Feat. Bozo
11 Love Me Now Feat. Daffy Loko, Mr. Mirr & Elise
15 Mi Amor Feat. J-Hind
03 Pop Lockin' Feat. Dj Ak & Mr. Mirr
02 So Crazy Feat. Frost
12 Solo Rumores Feat. Sursilvaz, Playaman, Kali Of The French Lokos
10 Soy Lysto
04 Supergrinders Feat. Daffy Loko
07 When I Was A Lil' Boy Feat. Ron Ellison
05 Wild West Feat. Mr. Criminal & Max (Yard Brown)

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