Lil Blacky-Come And Get It - 2008 - KART3L

01 Intro
02 What U Gonna Do (Ft. Mak and Bleeze)
03 Gettin Money (Ft. Killa D and Lil Sicko)
04 Gangsta (Ft. Slow Pain, Trav, Killa D and Mak)
05 Californ I-E (Ft. M1 and Mak)
06 Sick Criminals Remix (Ft. Mr. Criminal, Cuete and Lil Sicko)
07 Smoke On The Bomb (Ft. Lil Sicko, Trav and Pops)
08 Roll Wit Em (Ft. Lil Sicko, Pops and Trav)
09 Smash Out (Ft. Brown Boy, Malow Mac and Lil Sicko)
10 Ride On Em
11 That Heat (Ft. Killa D)
12 Drug Money (Ft. Trav and Lil Sicko)
13 East Side When I Ride (Ft. Lil Sicko and Trav)
14 No More (Ft. Pops, Trav and Killa D)
15 We Doing It (Ft. Trav and Mister One)

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