Mister D-Deep In The Game - 2000

01 Intro
02 Browns On The Rise Feat. The C.O.A. Crew
03 Riders Groove Feat. Young Dre, Sexcee
04 Deep In The Game Feat. Badazz, KV
05 The Eses On A Trip
06 Valle Intro Feat. Sniper
07 Going To The Valley
08 Need An Exit Feat. Big Tone
09 Real Eses Feat. Johnny Boy, The 805 Chivo Loco
10 I'm Coming Up Feat. Rodney O
11 Destination Feat. The Rider Clicc
12 If You're Down Feat. Chivo Loco, The 808
13 South Side Love Feat. Kryptonite, The C.O.A. Crew
14 That's How I Feel Feat. Pierre
15 Gangsterd Down Feat. Sleepy of the Fearless Crowd, The 808
16 Cruise With Me Feat. Pierre
17 When You Coming Home Feat. Lil. Listo, Sniper
18 Somebody's Giving It Up Feat. Dresta The Gangsta
19 Somebody's Guitar
20 Sliding Through
21 Outro

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