VA-South Side Soul Vol. 10


01 Crazy About You Baby (LT & The Soulful Dynamics) / LT &amp/The Soulful Dynamics
02 I Don't Want To Take A Chance (Wee Willie Walker) / Wee Willie Walker
03 Trying To Get Chosen (James Bell & The Highlighters) / James Bell &amp/The Highlighters
04 I Love You (Dauphin Williams) / Dauphin Williams
05 Honest I Do (The Tokays) / The Tokays
06 Breaking My Heart (Sonia Ross) / Sonia Ross
07 No One Can Take The Place Of You (The Ravins) / The Ravins
08 Warward Dream (Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Piece) / Annette Poindexter &amp/Pieces Of Piece
09 Got To Get Over (Brothers Unlimited) / Brothers Unlimited
10 Lost In The City (The Majors) / The Majors
11 My Darling Baby (Edward Hamilton & The Natural Look) / Edward Hamilton &amp/The Natural Look
12 I've ot To Have Her (The Emperors) / The Emperors
13 Try (Eula Cooper) / Eula Cooper
14 While You Were Gone (The Combinations) / The Combinations
15 I'll Keep Holding On (Don Hart) / Don Hart
16 I'll Be Around (Gino Washington) / Gino Washington
17 Don't Leave Me Mama (Little Muray & The Mantics) / Little Muray &amp/The Mantics
18 Somebody New (The Emotions) / The Emotions
19 I'm Lonely (Nelson Sanders) / Nelson Sanders
20 I'm The One Who Loves You (The Millionaires) / The Millionaires
21 Belive Me (Len & The Pa's) / Len &amp/The Pa's
22 Heartbreak Of Love (Delegates Of Soul) / Delegates Of Soul
23 I Dig You Baby (Jerry Butler) / Jerry Butler
24 I'm Still In Love With You (Janet Kay & Elton Ellis) / Janet Kay &amp/Elton Ellis
25 Sad Girl (Jay Wiggins) / Jay Wiggins
26 This The Way To Treat A Girl (The Hesitations) / The Hesitations
27 My Teen Age Girl (Johnny Flamingo) / Johnny Flamingo

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