Baby Jokes-Life On The Streets - 2011 - CR

01 Prevail (Feat. Chino Grande)
02 Dont Love You Anymore (Feat. D. Salas)
03 Already Know (Feat. Chino Grande And Huero Snipes)
04 Eastside 213 (Feat. Mike Nez And Jasper Loco)
05 Keep Runnin Runnin
06 She Used To Be My Sidekick (Feat. Mike Nez And D. Salas)
07 Thirteen Steps (Feat. Chino Grande, Huero Snipes And G-Boy)
08 Bang Back (Feat. Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, D-Boy, City Gees)
09 I Am (Feat. Mc Magic, D. Salas And Rigo Luna)
10 Rhymeslayer
11 Warrior (Feat. Lil Minor And G-Boy)
12 You Wanna Know
13 Call Me Freaky (Good) (Feat. Cecy B)
14 Money Talk (Feat. G-Boy)
15 Like An Angel (Feat. Knuckles)
16 Die Tonight (Feat. D-Boy)
17 Looking At Me
18 Bonus Track

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