Brown Boy-This Is Me - WEB - 2016 - ESG

01 Intro (This Is Me)
02 Back in the Days (feat. Lighter Shade of Brown)
03 Paid My Dues (Fingazz Mix) [feat. King Lil G]
04 I Promise (Simes Carter Mix) [feat. MC Magic]
05 See U Smile
06 Party with Your Body (feat. Lil Rob & Nino Brown)
07 I'm Only Human (Simes Carter Mix) [feat. Lil Cuete & Zig Zag]
08 One More Try (feat. Ms. Krazie)
09 After Party (feat. Mob Fam)
10 Have U Ever (Simes Carter Mix) [feat. Amanda Perez & Malow Mac]
11 Every Time U Leave
12 So Far Away (Fingazz Mix) [feat. Baby Bash]
13 Pieces (Simes Carter Mix) [feat. Big Gemini & Zig Zag]
14 Love Is Crazy
15 One & Only
16 This Is Me

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