Charlie Row Campo-Fiesty 2 Guns: Street Scriptures - 2011 - CR

01 What I Dream Of (Feat. Mz Vee)
02 Make That Hood Cry (Feat. Chino Grande)
03 Roughneck
04 Seen Some Shit (Feat. Chino Grande, Capone, Big Bandit)
05 Grind To Shine (Feat. Dave Salas And Chino Grande)
06 Im A Soldier (Feat. Mike Nezz)
07 Dont Cry For Me (Feat. Blance Nieves)
08 The Greatest (Feat. Silly Rabbit)
09 Forbidden Love (Feat. Dave Salas)
10 Shattered Dreams (OG Mix)
11 Everybody Gonna See
12 Awakening
13 Confessions (Feat. Rigo Luna)
14 Crazy (Feat. Big Dave)
15 Bloody War (Feat. Betty Boo And Eddie Kane)
16 Bonus Track
17 Bonus Track

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