Frost-That Was Then, This Is Now Vol. 1 - 1999

01 Somethin' For The Ridas
02 Outlaws (feat. Kurupt & King Tee)
03 Milk And Honey
04 Turn It Into Something
05 Act Like Ya Want (feat. Nino B, Jay Tee, Rappin' For Tay, Cameosis and Don Ciscone)
06 The Game Remains The Same
07 Heart Of A Savage (feat. B-Legit and Richie Rich)
08 Latin Kings (Mad One and Shysti)
09 Mamacita
10 Diamonds And Pearls (feat. Roger(ZAPP) and Camoesis)
11 Big Business (feat. Xzibit and Jayo Felony)
12 Feria (feat. Latino Velvet)
13 Los Katrachos (feat. SPM, Lo-G, Mad One and Mr. G)
14 The Pain (feat.Nino B and Don Ciscone)

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