Jasper Loco-Eastside Assassin - 2011 - CR

01 Hustling (Feat. Big Wix)
02 Southern Cali (Feat. Oso Vicious)
03 I Got Murder (Feat. Tarvi, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Fiesty, Toro Loco)
04 West Coasting
05 Smoke Break (Feat. Lyna)
06 Creeping Up Slow (Feat. Baby Jones And Big Wix)
07 Pistol Packing (Feat. Chino Grande)
08 LA
09 True To The Blue
10 So How You Make That Paper (Feat. LR)
11 Cali-Style (Feat. ALT And Kila Kal)
12 THC
13 Chalk Lines (Feat. Big Wix)
14 Taken Chances (Feat. Nesa Nes)
15 Real Gs
16 R.I.P. Fat Boy
17 Outro
18 Bonus Track

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