Jonny U-Rich Not Famous - 2007 - MXS

01 Westside Game Feat. Young Prod And Big Prod
02 Living In A Ghetto World Feat. Westborn
03 Just Cause Feat. Bigg Tone
04 Friday Night Feat. Latinfroz
05 Cut Them Ho's
06 Roll With A Pimp Feat. Dttx And Young Prod
07 Westside Connect
08 Have My Baby Feat. Kokane
09 Just Little Feat. Lena
10 Just Say It
11 It Is What Is Feat. Bigg Tone
12 Make That Change
13 Ride
14 Baby Makin Music
15 Help Them Or Hurt Them (King Kong Aint Got Sxxt On Me)

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