King Lil G-Lost In Smoke 2 - 2016

01 Cold Christmas
02 Room Full of Smoke
03 Goon$
04 Look How Far (feat. Young Drummer Boy)
05 Obvious (feat. LA Gun Smoke, EMC Senatra, Young Drummer Boy & Cutthroat Season)
06 Ando Tatuado
07 Click I'm With (feat. Young Drummer Boy, EMC Senatra, Cutthroat Season & LA Gun Smoke)
08 Fuck with You (feat. Too $hort)
09 I Want That Old Thing Back (feat. Baby Bash & Malik)
10 Texas Cups Cali Blunts (feat. Bun B)
11 Pablo De Medellin (feat. Life)
12 MariWanna (feat. Tory Lanez)
13 Dope (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
14 Get Away
15 After My Death

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