Mr. Knightowl-The Ghetto Bird - 2003

01 Way OG (Ft Kokane)
02 West Coast Gangster (Ft Daz Dillinger)
03 Lately (Ft Jayo Felony, Big Syke, & Slush The Villain)
04 Bitches Don't Fuck For Free (Ft Suga Free)
05 Watch Your Zone (Ft Sick Jack'n From Psycho Realm)
06 Sawed Off For Life (Ft Seldom Seen, Sandman, & Kozme)
07 Life Is Fucked Up (Ft Kottonmouth)
08 El Hijo De Mama
09 Slutty Girls (Ft Kozme)
10 I Got It Bad Over You (Ft Brenton Wood)
11 In Love With A Gangster(Remix)
12 In Love With A Ganster II (Ft Dianna)
13 Toss It Up (Ft Mr Shadow)
14 Hey Knightowl (Ft Seldom Seen)
15 Punk Bitch
16 Fuck Royal T
17 True OG's (Ft D-Shot)

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