Mr. Shadow-Greatest Hits - 2008 - TSM

01 Gangbangin' Won't Stop (Feat. Fingazz)
02 I'm Boss Now
03 Drama
04 Mr. Shadow
05 Dirty Money (Feat. OB)
06 The Streets Ain't The Same (Feat. Nancy Fletcher)
07 Bow Down (Feat. ALT)
08 Gangster (Feat. Slush The Villain)
09 Ain't Damm Thing Changed (Feat. Knightowl)
10 Gangstaz And Strippers (Feat. Bigg Bandit)
11 Be Down Or Get Beat Down
12 Code Of Silence
13 For My Enemies
14 Respect
15 One Man Batallion
16 Real Crime (Feat. Lil Menace)
17 Fuck What You Believe In
18 Undercover Hood Rats (Feat. G-Lo)
19 Snippets From Mr. Shadow "It's 4 Da Gangsters" Album

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